pyDVL: the python Data Valuation Library

pyDVL strives to offer reference implementations of algorithms for data valuation with a common interface compatible with sklearn and a benchmarking suite to compare them.
Install the latest pyDVL with pip install pydvl

pyDVL is a library for data valuation (see our review). You can install with PyPi, contribute to the project or check out the documentation.

As of version 0.3.0, pyDVL provides robust, parallel (in most cases) implementations of:

  • Leave One Out
  • Data Shapley
    • Exact values with different sampling methods
    • Exact values, for KNN [Jia19aE]
    • Truncated Monte Carlo Shapley [Gho19D]
    • Owen sampling [Okh21M]
    • Sparsity aware (upcoming)
    • KNN-Shapley surrogates (upcoming)
  • Beta Shapley [Kwo22B]
  • Least core [Yan21I] (coming soon)
  • Data Banzhaf [Wan22D] (coming soon)
  • Data Utility Learning [Wan22I]
  • Distributional Shapley (upcoming)
    • Generic
    • Optimizations for linear regression, binary classification, kernel density estimation
  • Influence functions (beta / in progress)
    • Fast Hessian-Vectors with stochastic optimization for large models
    • (Approximate) Maximum Influence Perturbation (upcoming)

In addition, we provide analyses of the strengths and weaknesses of key methods, as well as detailed examples.


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